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Tax agencies offer tax relief, advice to hurricane victims

Many departments of revenue offer tax relief in the wake of natural disasters — something to keep in mind as more storms bear down on the Southeast and fires rip through the Northwest.
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Tax relief for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey

As rescue crews strive to safeguard the residents of more than 50 counties in Texas, government officials are working to provide tax relief for affected businesses and individuals.
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Mail Your 1095 Forms by March 31, 2016

The Affordable Care Act increases both health care coverage and paperwork. The Marketplace must provide a 1095 form to the individuals it covers. Additionally, health insurance providers, other coverage providers, and certain businesses are required to provide 1095 forms to covered individuals or employees. The forms will help the IRS determine who has health insurance and who does not. Under the Affordable Care Act, many people without coverage (and their employers) must pay a penalty.

There are three 1095 forms: […]

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MassTaxConnect Launches November 2015

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue is launching a new electronic portal on November 30, 2015. By the end of […]

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Georgia: File Sales and Use Tax on Time

The Georgia Department of Revenue has published a notice listing the 2015 dates for timely sales and use tax […]

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California: Electronic Filing FAQS

Filing sales and use tax returns electronically is encouraged in California State Board of Equalization has posted e-Filing FAQs […]

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Nebraska: Updated Sales Tax Forms for October 2014

The Nebraska Department of Revenue has updated the local sales and use tax form for the period October 1, […]

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    Washington: New Reporting Requirements for Semiconductor Material Manufacturers

Washington: New Reporting Requirements for Semiconductor Material Manufacturers

Semiconductor material manufacturers in Washington State claiming the B&O tax rate must file an Annual Tax Incentive Report. Those manufacturers claiming sales and use tax exemptions on the purchase of gases and chemicals must file an Annual Tax Incentive Survey.

But effective June 12, 2014, a manufacturer claiming both the B&O tax preferential rate and the sales tax exemption on the purchase of gases and chemicals is required to file only the Annual Tax Incentive Report. The 2014 Annual Tax Incentive Report is due by April 30, 2015. […]

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California BOE Advises Sellers to Keep Good Records

The California State Board of Equalization has updated its publication on sales and use tax records. Publication 116 explains record requirements, types of records required, the degree of detail required, required period of retention, and so forth. It’s an invaluable read for anyone required to collect and remit California sales tax.

The advice boils down to this: […]

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Colorado’s 700 Sales Tax Rates

More than 700. That’s how many sales tax rate combinations exist in the state of Colorado Department of Revenue. […]

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