Change, sales tax rate

Arkansas local sales tax rates.

Numerous local sales and use tax rate changes are scheduled to take effect in Arkansas on April 1, 2017. New local rates (listed below) are the result of annexations, newly enacted taxes, and rate increases.

New taxes

  • Cedarville (Crawford County): 1%
  • Judsonia (White County): 1%
  • Pleasant Plains (Lawrence County): 2%

Rate increases

  • Bald Knob (White County): 1.5%
  • Haskell (Saline County): 2%
  • Marion County: 1.75%
  • Searcy County: 1.5%
  • Francis County: 2.5%
  • White County: 1.75%


  • East Camden (Ouachita County): 1%
  • Hot Springs (Garland County): 1.5%
  • Mountain Home (Baxter County): 1%
  • Walnut Ridge (Lawrence County): 1%

Additional information, including reporting codes, is available at the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

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