Can you guess Yuma County's October 2013 transaction privilege tax rate?

Can you guess Yuma County’s October 2013 transaction privilege tax rate?

Update, 9.9.2013: ADOR has published the new October rates for Yuma County.

The following taxable activities are taxed at 6.712%:

  • Amusement,
  • Contracting–Prime and Owner Builder,
  • Communications,
  • Job Printing,
  • Pipeline,
  • Personal Property RentalPrivate,
  • Publication,
  • (Rail) Car,  
  • Restaurants and Bars,
  • Retail
  • Transporting,
  • Utilities, 

The rate for Transient Lodging is 6.71%. Mining-Nonmetal activities are taxed at 3.812%. 

The Department of Revenue (ADOR) has announced a rate increase for Yuma County, effective October 1, 2013.

The current rate of transaction privilege tax (similar to a sales tax) in Yuma County is 1.70%. ADOR has not yet revealed what the new rate will be–only that the new rate is coming in October. It’s a tantalizing strategy.

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