Sales Tax Holidays!

Sales Tax Holidays!

Update 6.18.13: There are new dates for the Texas August sales tax holiday.

Update 3.1.13: Wisconsin Senator Rick Gudex and Representative Chad Weininger recently proposed legislation for two new sales tax holidays: one in early August for back to school supplies and one in early November for Energy Star products.

Update 2.28.13: Read about a proposed sales tax holiday for firearms and hunting supplies in Texas.

Numerous states offer sales tax holidays during the course of a year. Back to school sales tax holidays are historically popular, and holidays for emergency preparedness are becoming more common. Retailers that do business in states offering sales tax holidays need to be prepared to adjust their prices in order to stay compliant with state law and competitive with other retailers.

For those doing business in multiple states it can be difficult to keep track of the changing dates and rates involved with multiple sales tax holidays. Roughly 20 states have had sales tax holidays in the past. We’ve gathered all available sales tax holiday information for 2013 below so you don’t have to chase details across the web. We will continue to update as more information becomes available.

Known 2013 Sales Tax Holidays

Keep An Eye On These States in 2013

These states have offered the following sales tax holidays in the past.

Good Resources

The Sales Tax Institute updates their list of sales tax holidays regularly, and the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board publishes a list of member state sales tax holidays.

Of course, you could let someone else stay on top of sales tax holidays for you.

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