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Montana cities call for sales tax, again

Cities throughout Montana have long called for an alternative source of revenue such as a local option sales tax. A bill that would authorize localities to adopt a local option infrastructure tax is now under consideration in the Montana Legislature.

West Virginia may raise sales tax rate

West Virginia is considering raising the sales tax rate and expanding sales tax to groceries and many services.

North Dakota considers online sales tax

North Dakota is considering a measure that would establish economic nexus and require certain out-of-state sellers to collect and remit sales tax.

Illinois may expand sales tax base, lower rate

Illinois lawmakers are looking at broadening sales tax to many services and lowering the general rate.

California may fund tampon exemption with liquor tax

California assemblywomen want to exempt tampons and increase the tax on liquor, because "there is no happy hour for menstruation."

Indiana could exempt juice, vending machine food

Should food sold through vending machines be exempt from Indiana sales tax? Many lawmakers think it should.

South Africa to tax soda, April 2017

The first soda tax on the African continent will be introduced on April 1, 2017, when a proposed 20 percent tax on soft drinks is expected to take effect in South Africa.

Arkansas repeals Nonprofit Incentive Act

The Arkansas Nonprofit Incentive Act of 2005 has been repealed.
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Virginia tax amnesty on the horizon

Virginia will offer a tax amnesty program sometime between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.
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Seattle mayor seeks soda tax

Seattle, Washington is the latest city to consider a tax on sugary beverages.
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