Yuma County Arizona Rate Change, October 2013

Can you guess Yuma County's October 2013 transaction privilege tax rate?

Can you guess Yuma County’s October 2013 transaction privilege tax rate?

Update, 9.9.2013: ADOR has published the new October rates for Yuma County.

The following taxable activities are taxed at 6.712%:

  • Amusement,
  • Contracting–Prime and Owner Builder,
  • Communications,
  • Job Printing,
  • Pipeline,
  • Personal Property RentalPrivate,
  • Publication,
  • (Rail) Car,  
  • Restaurants and Bars,
  • Retail
  • Transporting,
  • Utilities, 

The rate for Transient Lodging is 6.71%. Mining-Nonmetal activities are taxed at 3.812%. 

The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) has announced a rate increase for Yuma County, effective October 1, 2013.

The current rate of transaction privilege tax (similar to a sales tax) in Yuma County is 1.70%. ADOR has not yet revealed what the new rate will be–only that the new rate is coming in October. It’s a tantalizing strategy.

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