New Mexico: Local Rate Changes, July 2013

New Mexico: July 2013 rate changes.

New Mexico: July 2013 rate changes.

In lieu of a sales tax, New Mexico has a gross receipts tax; the two types of taxes feel similar to consumers.

The New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department releases tax rate schedules for counties and municipalities twice each year: one for January through June and one for July through December. The latest rate schedule reveals a number of local rate changes.

Dona Ana County

The rate in the municipality of Anthony increased from 7.25% to 7.375%.

Hidalgo County

The county rate increased from 5.8125% to 5.9375%.

Rates for the municipalities of Lordsburg (7.25%) and Virden (6.4375%) remain the same.

Mora County

The county rate increased from 5.9375% to 6.1875%.

The rate for the municipality of Wagon Mound increased from 6.9375% to 7.1875%.

Santa Fe County

The county rate increased from 6.625% to 6.875%.

The following Santa Fe County municipalities increased their rates from 6.625% to 6.875% for sales to tribal entities or members and sales to tribal non-members by tribal non-members:

  • Kewa Pueblo,
  • Namba Pueblo,
  • Pojoaque Pueblo,
  • Pueblo de Cochiti,
  • Santa Clara Pueblo, and
  • Pueblo of Tesuque.

Interested in reading the fine print? View the January – June 2013 rate table here, and the July – December 2013 rate table here.

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  1. Ellen Dempsey says:

    Can you tell me if our address is in Anthony (Dona Ana county)?
    Address: 9050 Strauss Road
    Santa Teresa, NM 88008

    I am trying to figure the gross receipts tax rate to use.

    Best regards

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