South Carolina 2013 Sales Tax Holiday

South Carolina broadens back-to-school sales tax holiday to include bath towels.

South Carolina broadens back-to-school sales tax holiday to include bath towels.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue has announced dates for the 2013 sales tax holiday. It will begin at 12:01a.m. on August 2, 2013 and conclude at midnight, August 4.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to shop.

The annual sales tax holiday applies to the following items:

  • Clothing.
  • Clothing accessories (hats, scarves, hosiery and handbags).
  • Footwear.
  • School supplies (paper, pens, notebooks, bookbags).
  • Computers and computer software.
  • Printers and printer supplies.
  • Assorted bathroom supplies (mats, towels, shower curtains).
  • Assorted bedroom supplies (sheets, blankets).

Put that down.

The following items are not exempt from sales tax during the sales tax holiday:

  • Jewelry and watches.
  • Cosmetics and eyewear.
  • Furniture.
  • Any item placed on layaway or a similar deferred payment plan.
  • Items for use in business.
  • Rented clothing or footwear (think costumes for a party and roller skates at a rink).

Want to know more? The department provides a detailed list of exempt items and a question and answer document.

It’s important for businesses to keep track of sales tax holidays. Charging sales tax when none is due can be as problematic as not charging it when it is due. Automation can help.

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  1. liz thomas says:

    S C tax free weekend for 2013 Does that include rolling book bags, aka book bags with wheels?

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