Maine Sales Tax Rate Change, October 2013


Maine has approved a statewide sales tax increase from 5.0% to 5.5% for general sales tax and from 7% to 8% for prepared food, lodging, and liquor. The tax hike is temporary, taking effect October 1, 2013, and expiring June 30, 2015.

Part of a plan to balance the state’s budget, lawmakers project that the tax increase will raise $178 million in revenue. The increase was not without its opponents. The Maine Senate had to overturn the Governor’s veto in order to pass the bill.

How does your business handle sales tax changes?

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12 Responses to Maine Sales Tax Rate Change, October 2013

  1. Rick Parker says:

    Let me see if I understand. The tax increase will raise $178 million by taking $178 million from us. Hmmm, seems fair (please not sarcasm).

  2. Gary Loft says:

    “Maine” did not approve this increase, the Maine Legislature did.

  3. milt jones says:

    another prime example of government not working for the people. There should have been a state wide vote.(yes or no). All we do is read about events, say gee thats bad. Or gee that isnt right. Yet we elect the same people time and time again.A tax on reading the news! go figure. No wonder maine is so backwards. We are rated near the bottom of so many lists. Its time to take back.NOT SIT BACK

    • Jim says:

      imagine what it must be like to be Governor Lepage. He fought so hard to save all of is from these added taxes. It took the democrats to overturn his veto to get these additional taxes heaped on us. You won’t hear about that in any newspaper, tv, or your friends. It is reality. Maine continues to believe that the democratic party is for the poor and middle class. Maine votes for liberals more often than not and they blame republicans for everything.

  4. milt jones says:


  5. Mainer says:

    If the state of Maine residences are truly in need of the extra half percent in sales tax to survive, we are in bigger trouble than I thought. At the end of the year it might total $100.00 out of pocket. Most people spend that on stupid things with out thinking about it….aka beer, smokes and other garbage ( but we won’t bring up the cost of health care….)

  6. John Kelley says:

    Le Page was the only one fighting for us to keep these taxes from happening. It’s not a huge tax on a personal level unless making a big ticket purchase. The expiration date won’t likely happen if Dems are running the show. They love to tax you this way and that way and every way I think it’s in their genes to get a thrill up the leg or something. They sure don’t know how to manage money, so it’s actually just a cover up for their endless bloopers. Blue collar manufacturers of high ticket items will be hurt. Businesses coming to Maine might change their mind. Half a percent is a huge dollar amount for businesses. Never in history has a budget been balanced, or an economy revved, by taking money out of it. I am so disappointed with the selfishness, ignorance, and arrogance of the members of the Maine legislature. No matter what party, if they voted for this, they won’t get mine next time around.

  7. Monika Liedl says:

    Seems to me, if they had raised the 5% to 7% straight across the board, everyone paying the 7, it would’ve been easier……that would’ve been a full 2%…….

  8. David says:

    I’ll be shopping in New Hampshire from now on.

  9. John says:

    “Most people spend that on stupid things with out thinking about it”.
    For real? Sure, why not chip away a little’ll never add up to anything…right?
    Good for you, that you have the spare change lying around.
    You’re not a “mainer”…you’re the sheep that the legislature loves to fleece. It’s in their nature.

  10. Nonya Business says:

    Try getting married – it’s a little more than “$100.00 out of pocket”.

    I don’t even want to do the math on how much more total it’s going to cost us, and our guests, to have our wedding here now. Too late to change venues though.

    Bad timing on our part I guess. Shame on me for popping the question.

    Oh wait, it’s only “temporary”? Riiiiiiight. Sure it is!

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