Arrest for Sales Tax Evasion in Tennessee

Tennessee Man Faces Prison, Fines for Sales Tax Evasion.

A recent arrest in Tennessee reminds that sales tax evasion is a crime.

As announced in a news release from the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the former general manager of Warren County Kubota was arrested in September 2012 “on charges of sales tax evasion and theft.”

Irvie W. Loudermilk, Jr. was charged in Warren County with “willfully attempting to evade or defeat sales tax totaling $18,120.77 during the period February 2011 through September 2011.” He faces similar charges in Rutherford County, relating to the Kubota store in Murfreesboro.

Revenue Commissioner Richard H. Roberts underscored that Tennessee relies on the honesty of taxpayers to comply with the laws. “Taxpayers who collect but intentionally do not remit sales tax, breach the public’s trust and violate the criminal laws of the State.”

If convicted, Mr. Loudermilk faces up to two years in prison and steep monetary fines for each count of attempted sales tax evasion. He faces up to six years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines for theft of property.

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  1. joanie mann says:

    Business owners and CFOs are experiencing a crackdown on tax liability nonpayments. Cash is tight everywhere, and agencies will only increase collection and enforcement efforts – especially when it involves a public trust. Whether it is sales tax or payroll tax, noncompliance can mean a whole lot more than just fines and penalties.

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