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Arkansas increases tax on candy and soda, January 2018

To the dismay of the health-conscious, candy and soda are currently considered "food" in Arkansas and taxed at a reduced rate. That's about to change.

North Carolina considers remote sales tax legislation

The North Carolina Legislature is looking to increase its tax from remote sales, but like many states, it’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

Colorado explores sales tax simplification

Sales tax compliance is crazy complicated in Colorado. The state has approximately 300 taxing jurisdictions, and more than 700 sales tax rate combinations.

Colorado sales tax changes, July 2017

Upcoming Colorado sales tax changes will affect exemptions in parts of Boulder County and sales of recreational marijuana throughout the state.

Philadelphia beverage tax vindicated again

Philadelphia’s controversial beverage tax has now been upheld by two courts, but the soda industry and others will continue to fight it.
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    Congressional attempt to restrict state actions in interstate commerce

Congressional attempt to restrict state actions in interstate commerce

Like its predecessor, the No Regulation Without Representation Act of 2017 permits a state to tax or regulate a person’s activities in interstate commerce only when “such person is physically present in the state during the period in which the tax or regulation is imposed.”

Minnesota to broaden nexus, tax marketplace providers

Minnesota has enacted the nation’s first tax on marketplace providers and expanded the definition of what it means to do business in the state.

South Dakota cautions against transient vendors

Transient vendors must be sure to collect and remit South Dakota sales tax as required by law.

Ohio enacts sales tax holiday for clothing, school supplies

Ohio will offer a one-time, three-day sales tax holiday for qualifying clothing and school supplies August 4 through 6, 2017.

Massachusetts new internet seller tax challenged

Massachusetts is being sued by internet and catalog sellers over its new requirement that large out-of-state vendors collect sales or use tax.